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High Performance Polyurethane Casting System for LED Lights for the Outdoor Use (up to IP 67)



Casting up to 24 LED lights at once


The casting machine for 2K polyurethane consists of one dosing system and a control unit for the dosing robot. The casting machine can be developed with a working table of up to 6 m in length, equipped with up to 24 application nozzles and can be adapted based on the requirements. Under realistic conditions the machine has a LED casting performance of up to 1080 m / hour.



The doming system for Led-casting is suitable for outdoor use (IP 67).

For example, an LED bar of 20 mm height is poured firstly with an 18 mm transparent potting compound. After curing, you finish by pouring 2 mm of white potting into the bar. The finished product produces a glowing, smooth white surface with no visible LED dots. Also possible is the use of LED's with RGB colors.



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