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2K Polyurethane for Doming Stickers and LED Casting

Doming PU 2016 M12 and Doming IC 300

The 2K material is based on the two components Doming PU 2016 M12 and Doming IC 300, is mercury-free and complies with the RoHS, Reach, SHVC and WEEE directives. Unlike other doming resins, it is not classified as a dangerous good, which has several advantages: it does not require employees to be given special training in handling it, eliminating the need for hazardous waste, and reducing transport costs three to four times. The doming material was developed with a view to the future and is far below the current approval requirements. Apart from that, the resin scores with its high transparency, UV and climatic stability. These properties opened up a new field of application - the encapsulation of LEDs, to produce weather resistant LED lights up to IP 67.



From doming to LED casting


In contrast to silicone, the material does not age - it does not yellow or become brittle - thus ensuring lasting protection against condensation, spray and salt water. In addition, it is easy to shed and adheres very well, making it very suitable for casting LED strips for outdoor use..

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